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Portable 450ML Mini Blender Mixer Cooking Appliances Food Processor Food Mixers Smoothie Blenders

Portable 450ML Mini Blender Mixer Cooking Appliances Food Processor Food Mixers Smoothie Blenders

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1. Organic silicon material: The juicer is made of food-grade organic silicon and ABS material, which is convenient to carry and clean. The juicer uses a stainless steel cutter, which is convenient for mixing, non-toxic and harmless, allowing you to enjoy a healthy life.
2. Strong power, long-lasting battery life, 304 stainless steel six-blade cutter head, 18000rpm, lithium iron phosphate battery, stable performance, long life and high-temperature resistance.
3. Portable telescopic juicer: ultra-lightweight personal blender, lightweight, can be placed in backpacks, briefcases and beach bags. Whether you are working or traveling, you can enjoy fresh juice.
4. USB charging: it can be charged by USB, or by the power supply, car charger, mobile power supply. You can make various juices to meet your needs within 4-5 hours.
5. Easy to use: just turn on the juicer, add fruit and vegetable ingredients into the cup, close the lid, and turn on the switch. You can make fruit smoothies, iced drinks, milkshakes, baby food, marinades, salad dressings, etc. You can enjoy delicious and nutritious drinks after squeezing the juice.
6. Easy to clean: Silicone and ABS materials are not easy to stick. Wash and stir with water so that you can wash and use the healthy drink again next time.

Material: food-grade silicone; ABS; stainless steel
Power supply mode: built-in battery; USB charging
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Product color: blue/pink
Number of knives: six knives
Weight: about 600g
Power (Watts): 70W
Function: Juicing, ice crushing function, stirring function
Maximum speed: 18000rpm
Capacity: 450ml
Folding size: 88*88*126mm
Lengthened size: 88*88*290mm



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